How do you find the best Live Chat Agents?

Do you need live chat agents in CITY to provide customer support and lead generation 24/7?


You have Live Chat, but your team doesn’t work 24/7, and you don’t have enough agents to cover your volume (long wait times = bad reviews). You may want to consider managed live chat agents–as a service. However, they are not all the same…

  • No metrics. They can’t tell you the prospect’s geography, no visitor tracking, no reporting dashboard, or chat storage—no push email reports.Of course not–it would show off their poor agent support, and you can’t improve what you don’t track.
  • Some have bad agents. Some can’t speak good English. They “say” they’re 24/7… but have 10% staffing during “your prime hours” with LONG wait times. Others are too lightweight for your product type (not vetted and trained, no agent coaching, or dedicated agent options).
  • Poor quality assurance. Their live chat agents don’t get high ratings, the company has too much system downtime, and they don’t have an adequate training process.
  • Difficult setup. Managed agents use software on your system—but the other company doesn’t help you set it up. “They” don’t have good support, it takes too long, they want an annual commitment, and the “setup” price is often hidden in CITY.
  • Wimpy Software. Many will try to manage your support with home-spun or weak systems: it won’t do mobile, can’t translate languages, no chat bots (self-serve to reduce live help needs)—the team is not provisioned with the right tools.
  • Too Pricey. Their live chat agents cost is embarrassingly high, or they have “surprise” charges when you accidentally exceed your chat volume.

So, how do you find a superior managed chat service, whose agents don’t have accents, has short weight times, with excellent ratings and metrics, and have little downtime? One that also helps you get things set up quickly and properly in City, uses the best-of-breed systems, all at a price within reach? Perhaps you should consider…

Solution – for Live Chat Agents


  • Owner of’s “BEST Overall Chat Software” 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • G2 High Performer
  • Sourceforge Top Performer
  • Used on over 30,000 websites

Notable clients include Rawlings, Waterpik, Phifer, DHL, ADA, Quest, Barracuda, Fresno State University, Everlast, Champion Teamwear, American Management Association (AMA), QLink Wireless, and more!

Solution – Live Chat Agents in City

There are five main reasons to consider HelpSquad

  1. The BEST Agents and Training
  2. The BEST Quality Assurance
  3. The BEST Data and Dashboard
  4. The BEST Support and Setup
  5. The BEST Chat Software and Bots

Plus the Price Performance Leader. Let’s consider each of these in more detail…

Best Live Chat Agents

1. The BEST Agents and Training

Full-time in-house shared or dedicated English fluent live chat agents trained on your company and brand that can handle customer support and lead generation 24/7. The unique offering includes:

  • Fulltime In-house Agents. Vetted and trained agents can be assigned full-time and always in-house to provide the highest standard of customer support.
  • Account Specific Training. Agents are trained on FAQ’s as well as details about your brand and market focus. Customers will believe they’re chatting with members of your own team.
  • Agent Coaching. Former agents are assigned to model, coach, and review your support team daily to ensure they constantly improve using industry best practices.
  • 30-second First Response time. Once a customer initiates a chat, they are guaranteed to be responded to within 30 seconds–your customers will never be left waiting 24/7 per day.
  • Dedicated Agents. If your needs are more than just support, you can use the Dedicated agents who can handle more complex requests (support plus CRM entry, or more complex technical support).
    • Single or Team. Hire as many or as few Dedicated agents as you need.
    • CRM/Technical Capability. Dedicated Agents can be trained to handle much more advanced technical help (server setup, software and hardware troubleshooting, etc.)
    • Customized Account Training. Dedicated agents will receive more advanced agent training—especially for technical products.
    • Local languages. Need multilingual customer support? Dedicated agents can be hired to support all of your customers regardless of language.

2. The BEST Quality Assurance

Industry-leading quality assurance practices like daily chat reviews, 99.9% uptime, training quizzes, chat rating data, flexible QA Process, and a single account manager for continuity–ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You get:

  • Daily Chat Reviews. Coaches review chats with agents daily to ensure your agents maintain a consistent and standard level of support.
  • 99.9% Uptime. The live chat software used for the projects is owned and maintained by HelpSquad’s sister company, LiveHelpNow–with a record of 99.9% system uptime 24/7.
  • Chat Rating Data. Chat Satisfaction scores mean you know exactly how pleased customers are with your support channel. This constant feedback helps your agents to continually improve.
  • Training Quizzes. Training quizzes verify the capability of the agents periodically as well as provide feedback on FAQ’s and training methods.
  • Single Account Manager. Having a single account manager to interface with, ensures continuity.

3. The BEST Data and Dashboard

Get all the data you need with a live dashboard, google analytics, SLA’s, Chat traffic Source Data, Chat Geography Data, Website Visitor Tracking, and weekly reports. Unique features include:

  • Weekly Report. You will receive a weekly email summary with all the metrics needed to understand how HelpSquad is performing. You’ll be able to catch problems early and celebrate successes.
  • Reporting dashboard. If weekly email reports aren’t enough, for an additional license fee you’ll get access to dozens of reports to better understand your customer and support team.
  • Google Analytics Data. Tie in your reporting with Google Analytics and all of its connected integrations.

4. The BEST Support and Setup

Industry-leading support practices in CITY like website installation, multichannel support, 48 hr deployment time, and flexible contracts are the Hallmark of HelpSquad.

  • Website Installation and Setup. Helpsquad installation is a breeze, and customer success is there with you every step of the way.
  • Phone/Chat/email Support. Get access to HelpSquad live help agents to support your account by phone, email, and chat.
  • Quick Deployment Time. Get industry-leading customer support in as quickly as 48 hours.
  • Flexible Contracts. Monthly billing with no minimum commitment term. Annual contracts are also available. Get as much or as little support as you need, at a clear price with no hidden fees.

Live chat agents

5. One of the BEST Chat Software and Bots

Powered by’s “Best Overall Chat Software” since 2015, provides an enterprise chat experience to your customers with standard features like FB messenger integration, Post-chat surveys, and direct chat link. Unique features include:

  • Full-Featured Chat Software (built-in SMS). Seamless and sleek chat widget with SMS capability.
  • Mobile Chat Widget. You can rest assured your customers will have access to chat across web and mobile with no drop in quality.
  • Proactive Chat Greetings. Your visitors see proactive greetings that can be modified by page or user event. Your customers will know chat is there for them.
  • Chat Translation. Translation for 100+ languages native to the chat widget instantaneously. Agents can service ALL of your customers.
  • Chat Bot. Chatbots make both your life and your customers’ lives easier, getting them directly to the information they’re looking for without agent interaction.
  • Greetings. Bots can greet your customers by page and with multiple options for follow-up– the possibilities are endless!
  • Q&A Bot. Customers will be blown away when they have an entire support conversation with a chatbot that solves their problem and provides them the appropriate solution or escalates if needed.
  • Bot Analytics. Get reports on the efficacy and usage of your bots, and see exactly what your customers’ interactions are and how the bots are handling them.

Plus, the Price Performance Leader for Live Chat Agents

Includes the lowest initial pricing of the major competitors in CITY for live help agents, plus…

  • Flexible Pricing. Monthly and annual pricing and you get the same advanced analytics and systems at every pricing level.
  • Simple Pricing. No hidden add-ons or guessing games, with no surprise bills if you accidentally go over your allotted message volume.

Live chat agents

What’s Holding You Back

Now that you’ve seen some of the advantages of HelpSquad, what’s holding you back? The following are common questions about the live help agents.

  • We already have our own agents?
    • Our full-time professionally trained and coached agents can staff your chat 24/7 allowing your own staff to focus on other channels of support or tasks for your growing business.
  • How can HelpSquad Live Chat Agents know my business?
    • HelpSquad live help agents work off of FAQ’s that you provide, to ensure that they are using the language of your business and representing your brand effectively.
  • I’m using another Chat provider.
    • While you would be required to move to the HelpSquad Platform our team will make the transition simple and the platform has been tested by 1000’s of clients globally.
  • How do I know I’ll get a return on investment?
    • With a 14-day free trial and no initial commitment, you’ll be able to see the lead generation at no cost.
  • What if I go over the number of chats?
    • Unlike other providers, we don’t charge for overages, if you consistently go over the number of chats your account manager will reach out to discuss upgrading to the next plan.

Live Chat Agents

Your Old Life

Your prospect comes to your website after hours on a Friday. Nobody picks up the phone. There’s a dusty old chat—the lights are on, but nobody is home. So… they leave an email.

Late Monday, three (3) days later, customer support sees the email and sends a reply asking for basic information. Really? The prospect sees their email, but it’s after 5 pm their time—and again… customer support isn’t live… again.  Too late. The prospect moves to a competitor in CITY who buys their product AND leaves you a bad review on Yelp.

Loser – Life Sucks

Live chat agent

Your New Life

Your client comes to your website on Friday after hours but this time is proactively greeted with “Hi how can we help you today?”

The bot takes their basic information, but this time—one of your LIVE chat agents, trained 24/7 agents takes over the chat. Your agent sends a screenshot and a link to another product that will make their life easier. The system automatically logs the lead in your Zoho CRM. The prospect is intrigued—and told Sales will follow up on Monday.

Sales see the lead in Zoho, follows up and cha-ching, “Got another sale!” You hit your quota. Can you spell B.O.N.U.S!

Life is Good!

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