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    Roles of the Channel Team

    Sometimes it is ask, “Who does what?” or “Who do I go to for…”  Following are the general roles of the channel team.

    Channel Marketing Manager.  First they help setup and manage the reseller channel, but then they take on the role as a Regional Marketing Manager once a reseller is up to speed. They typically have a marketing background – some sales is always helpful.  Channel Marketing owns the program.

    • Setup the program
    • Setup the database
    • Mass recruiting – emails, ads, press release, alliances
    • Questions, up-front product demos
    • Manage reseller database (or PRM)
    • Initial reseller setup
    • Orientation meeting
    • Marketing meeting (get product on website, put on reseller locator, first direct email campaign (driving to a webinar)
    • Collaborate on reseller promotions
    • Send resellers leads
    • Help manage MDF & Co-op budgets
    • Newsletter – keep partners up to speed
    • Setup Contest
    • Sales Meetings – national (webinar)

    Channel Sales Manager. They often perform direct sales, but also sales management and have channel sales experience.  Channel sales owns the “people” and the personal relationship. Their job is to help the partners SELL the product.

    • Primary role, act as a SALES manager and help the channel to SELL (model calls, coaching calls, motivation, help with high end quotes)
    • Personally know how to sell the product
    • Do the phone call follow ups – resellers with lots of sales questions and to help them get into the orientation meetings.
    • Cold call the list to recruit directly
    • Train and Manage the channel sales activity (help resellers to close business – by showing them how)
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